Student Placements.


Students who embark on their Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, are required to fullfill a requirement of 100 formally-contracted client hours, with at least 5 different Clients, within the body of the 2 year course.


Students may, for example, use 30 clinical hours toward their total requirement, counselling pupils in Schools. Other placements may include volunteering at CRASAC, The Intercom Trust, CRUSE, Waves, and MIND. These are Agencies who may provide in-house training to enable you to work professionally and ethically.


Dandelions Counselling may be able to help their own Diploma students in contributing to their placement hours. It is advisable to pursue more than one placement in order to gain a broad experience of counselling practice.


It is important to note that we will not provide a placement for any student who indicates that they cannot or will not work safely with a client. Students are assessed during their training, tutor observations, student feedback in tutorials, and attitude to their training and the profession. 


This is best practice and the advice of our awarding body.