Becoming a Counsellor.


Counselling training is probably the most rewarding career path a person can follow. Training through the CPCAB progression route is a journey of self-discovery, intertwined with skills practice and knowledge. Counselling training is the only training where you are encouraged to explore who you are and what makes you 'tick'.


In training you are encouraged to learn how to think, learn, and 'feel'. Training brings into the room the works and theories of the great men and women in counselling and psychotherapeutic work; Freud, Jung, Skinner, Maslow, Klein, Anna Freud, Perls, and Rogers.


You would not be able to help someone in a counselling role unless you are in a position to understand them, their process, their life history, and what they are bringing to you in the therapeutic hour, unless you travelled that journey yourself.


Here is where you will find the CPCAB's Progression Route.


This link takes you to the CPCAB's 'What Next' video. 


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