Dandelions’ policy on equal opportunities is designed to meet the regulatory requirements set out in Conditions A1.2(b), B1.3(e),, C2.3(h), D2, and G6 of General Conditions of Recognition (Ofqual, November 2012).





As a teaching body of qualifications relating to human relations and working with human difference and diversity, Dandelions is committed to promoting equal opportunities in all aspects of its work.  Dandelions promotes equal opportunities with all its learners and subcontractors, as well as with its own employees. This also extends to any persons connected to Dandelions in any way.



Dandelions, and its awarding body, the CPCAB,  are required to recognise and comply with both the spirit and the word of equalities law.  We welcome feedback from tutors, learners or other interested or otherwise, parties.





Dandelions has a long-term commitment towards helping to create a diverse, multi-cultural and community-based counselling profession, fostering an approach through which practitioners can return, post-training, to work in the community in which they are based - both as counsellors and as practitioners who use counselling skills as part of their role.  To this end: we place a particular emphasis on working with difference and diversity (WDD), seeking to extend tutor and student awareness of issues relating to WDD, particularly those relating to the ‘protected characteristics outlined in the Equality Act 2010.


All CPCAB qualifications taught by Dandelions tutors, include a unit (or a learning outcome, in the case of single unit qualifications) on working with difference and diversity, the  CPCAB offer Dandelions the option of using ‘descriptors’ with their CPCAB qualifications. A descriptor specifically defines the service application of the qualification being offered in terms of the theoretical approach/model, or with reference to specific client need, or within in a particular context or client group.


We place an especial emphasis on the value of focusing on relationships in the training group, as distinct from traditional academic or vocational training and assessment methods. Dandelions welcomes diversity in gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and cultural and religious beliefs and backgrounds, i.e. CPCAB was the first awarding organisation to offer counselling qualifications within an Islamic context, we operate mainly in the further (rather than higher) education sector. This is the most likely entry point for many individuals in our society who are currently largely excluded from vocational training, but whose input into a range of services broadly concerned with mental health and human relations is increasingly being sought with respect to creating inclusive services for an inclusive society.


Dandelions’ equal opportunities team meets regularly to monitor and make recommendations on all aspects of Dandelions’ service which relate to equal opportunities: equal opportunities policy, equal opportunities in assessment and for employees.





Dandelions is committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for learners in the overall design of its units and qualifications, in order to widen participation by: including a mandatory assessed unit/learning outcome on working with difference and diversity in all CPCAB units and qualifications, being allowed by CPCAB to design and adapt our course design and delivery to reflect the needs of particular learners or groups, providing all the generic requirements of the unit or qualification are met, designing an assessment process (as defined by the minimum assessment requirements) that accommodates different learning styles and needs, and giving equal weight to tutor assessment of learners, recognising that they are best placed to assess their learners’ individual learning needs and capability.


As part of the approval process, CPCAB requires Dandelions to confirm that they make provision for widening access and working with candidate diversity, equality of opportunity and anti-discrimination in terms of course promotion, pre-course assessment, course materials, training delivery and assessment. 




CPCAB is committed to ensuring equalities of opportunity for the benefit of learners in Dandelions, in order to widen participation, by: describing clear entry pathways to CPCAB qualifications for learners and clear guidelines to centres relating to RPL which recognise other training and experience, requiring Dandelions as a registered centre to have: an appropriate learner support system in place, a coherent and proactive framework for widening access and working with learner diversity (including individual learning needs) as stated above, appropriate arrangements in place for learners with special assessment needs. Confirming these requirements are consistently being met by including them within the CPCAB external verifier’s remit.




In accordance with guidelines produced by the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB Guide, The Application of Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration in Vocational Qualifications, January 2012), CPCAB and Dandelions are committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for learners engaged in the external assessment process.


We will provide a unique form of external assessment which places emphasis on practitioner skills rather than simply academic ability, assessing candidates’ understanding of working with difference and diversity as an integral part of all external assessments,  providing clear guidelines and systems for centres to request reasonable adjustments and special arrangements for individual learners, so as not to create unnecessary barriers to achievement.


We will provide clear guidelines to learners for sourcing individual support for both internal and external assessment, recording, reviewing and reporting on reasonable adjustments and special arrangements to ensure that they meet current legislation and guarantee fairness of assessment for all candidates,  special arrangements that are available on request include large-font external assessment papers,  additional time for individual needs, braille papers and/or subtitles on assessment films,  assessment films and other materials such as marketing flyers, website articles and informational documents provide a wide range of images in order to reinforce the diverse nature of our client base.



This policy is reviewed as necessary and at least annually as part of Dandelions’ documentation update.




Dandelions May 2014.