Conflict of Interest Policy






Dandelions’ policy on conflict of interest is designed to meet Condition A4 of the General Conditions of Recognition (Ofqual, November 2012).  This Condition requires Dandelions to identify and monitor all conflicts of interest that relate to it, and any scenario in which it is reasonably foreseeable that any such conflict of interest will arise in the future.






A conflict of interest exists for Dandelions if:



1. its interests in any activity undertaken by it, on its behalf, or by a member of its Group have the potential to lead it to act contrary to its interests in the development, delivery and award of qualifications in accordance with its Conditions of Recognition,
2. a person who is connected to the development of delivery of marking and assessment of student’s work by the Tutor/s, their supervision and placements,  has interests in any other activity which have the potential to lead that person to act contrary to his or her interests in that development and delivery in accordance with the awarding organisation’s Conditions of Recognition, or
3. an informed and reasonable observer would conclude that either of these situations was the case.






The policy sets out the responsibilities in respect of preventing, identifying and managing conflicts of interest in terms of: the organisation (Dandelions), and members of staff, and any persons connected by whatever means therein.


The aim of this policy is to protect the integrity of Dandelions as a training organisation, to enable stakeholders to have confidence in the organisation’s integrity and to enable Dandelions to take all reasonable steps to avoid, mitigate or as far as possible correct any  Adverse Effect’ [1] arising from a potential or actual conflict of interest.



With regard to the organisation, Dandelions:



Uses governance structures which ensure that the development and delivery of teaching and training in accordance with the Conditions of Recognition are not compromised by any other activity conducted by Dandelions, and has arrangements for reviewing and reporting on these arrangements to ensure that Dandelions has taken all reasonable steps to ensure ongoing compliance with this policy.



With regard to members of staff, Dandelions:



Requires all members of staff to declare any potential or actual conflict of interest, and arranges employment and staff allocation to mitigate the likelihood of any conflict of interest arising (e.g declaration of conflict of interest for staff and consultants) in the development, delivery and award of qualifications.



With regard to CPCAB, Dandelions:



Will do their best to take all reasonable steps to identify and mitigate the effect of any possible conflict of interest, ensures assessment arrangements ensure an element of externality in the assessment of Learners’ work, has ongoing review and reporting arrangements to ensure that any likely areas of conflict of interest are monitored, and has arrangements for mitigating or correcting any Adverse Effect arising from a conflict of interest.



Where it is unavoidable that someone with a personal interest is involved in the assessment or moderation of a Learner, Dandelions ensures that the assessment is subject to scrutiny by another person.



This policy is reviewed as necessary and at least annually as part of the documentation update.




Dandelions 2014



[1] [1] Ofqual’s definition of an Adverse Effect’: ‘An act, omission, event, incident or circumstance has an Adverse Effect if it -

(a)   gives rise to prejudice to Learners or potential Learners, or

(b)   adversely affects -

(i)    the ability of the awarding organisation to undertake the development, delivery or aware of qualifications in accordance with its Conditions of Recognition,

(ii)   the standards of qualifications which the awarding organisation makes available or proposes to make available, or

       (iii)         public confidence in qualifications.’