Complaints Procedure.


Students should address all complaints about any aspect of their teaching or learning experience to their Tutor. The complaint may be offered verbally in the first instance, followed by a completed complaint form within 5 working days. Any complaint will be recorded in writing by the Tutor receiving the complaint.

When to Complain.


Every reasonable effort will be made to resolve the matter informally with the person(s) concerned before using the formal complaints procedure.  A formal complaint to Dandelions must be submitted within 5 working days from the date of the incident that gave rise to the complaint. Dandelions will record the complaint immediately or as soon as reasonably practicable. 

How to Complain.


The complainant must contact a Dandelions Tutor by email to request a complaints form or download a Complaints Form from their website, and submit the form in person, or by attachment to an email. It should contain the following information:

•           The name and contact details of the person bringing the complaint

•           The name of the person subject of the complaint

•           A precise statement of the nature of the complaint

•           What informal steps have already been taken to resolve the complaint?

•           A clear statement of what remedy would be acceptable to the complainant if the complaint were upheld.

Complaints against Dandelions.


Complaints against Dandelions are taken seriously.  An Investigating Person (IP) will be appointed to investigate a complaint against Dandelions and will not include any member of staff directly involved in the complaint. Within 24 hours of a complaint against Dandelions being received, the Investigating Person will be notified, who will then contact the complainant to meet or telephone to discuss the complaint. The Investigating Person in the first or secondary instance will be Vanessa Knuckey MBACP. In the event that Vanessa is unavailable, a similarly qualified independent person will be appointed to expedite the investigation of the complaint.

Responding to a Complaint.


On receipt of a formal letter of complaint (or completed complaints form), Dandelions will acknowledge receipt of the complaint, normally within 10 working days. The IP will consider each aspect of the complaint and decide whether any further investigation is warranted. The IP reserves the right to make the final determination of the outcome of any unresolved formal complaint. If the complaint does not fall within the remit of Dandelions, the complainant will be informed, normally within 3 weeks, with an explanation of why the complaint cannot be considered.


The complaints procedure will normally be completed within 30 working days from the date of receipt of the formal complaint.  Where Dandelions is unable to meet this deadline the complainant will be informed of the progress of the complaint within this time frame.

Mitigation of Adverse Effects.


Dandelions is obliged to give due regard to the outcome of any complaints process, and will ensure that any remedy employed in response to a complaint is applied equally and fairly to all affected students.

Status of the Policy.


This complaints policy and procedure will be reviewed annually by Dandelions as part of its regular documentation update.


Jan 2018.