Dandelions Counselling is very proud to produce the Counselling and Psychotherapy Membership Association's (CPMA) Ethical Framework for Best Practice. It is an embryonic and bold document that recognises the human factor in professional practice. It is a document with a fluid foundation that respects the systemic processes that contribute to you as a person, a practitioner, your client, and your environment.


It asks you only to do your best in your work, with what you have and what you know, with no 'shoulds' or 'musts.'


We recognise that with a good heart and with the resources at your disposal at the time, a positive intention is behind your professional behaviour. As counsellors and supervisors, we apply what we know and what in our experience continues to work in the room, to create a safe holding space for you and by default your practice and your client.


We will support you and advocate for you. We will grow with you and you with us. We will be the therapeutic value in advocating for how we can make our profession a calling that meets the potential to actualise in a world that can seem harsh, judgemental, dictatorial, and critical.


This is the professional membership association we would wish to support us and our students. We couldn't find it, so we created it, and like all new creations, we will nurture it and grow it to full maturity. 



Ethical Framework for Best Practice  




1. Respect for The Law in your client work 
2. Respect for your Client and their systemic process 
3. Respect for yourself as a Practitioner, your qualifications and experience 
4. Respect for your environment 
5. Respect for difference and diversity


Honesty and Integrity


1. Honour your journey through training and practice 
2. Honour your client 
3. Honour your family and friends who support you 
4. Honour your colleagues 


Faith & Trust 


1. Have faith in yourself and trust that you will do your best 
2. Have faith in your client’s autonomy 
3. Trust your efficacy 
4. Have faith in your profession and its pedigree 
5. Have faith in your supervisor and trust their judgment 
6. Have faith and trust in your process 




1. Seek and employ regular supervision 
2. Explore supervision as a therapeutic process 
3. Be explicit in your needs and professional obligations for supervision 


Record Keeping 


1. Record and keep secure accurate client and sessional information 
2. Comply with GDPR 2018 
3. Respect anonymity and confidentiality 
4. Keep up to date with changes in legislation and the Law 




1. Take responsibility for your practice and your work 
2. Do not take responsibility for others and theirs 


Continued Professional Development 


1. Enjoy and document regular CPD 




1. Take regular self-care when you identify the need 
2. Take regular self-care when your need is identified by another 




1. Always hold Personal Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance 


Professional Membership Body


1. Never hesitate to ask for support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by phone, text, or email. 





This policy is organic. Feedback is most welcome.


Version 1