Counselling and Psychotherapy Membership Association (CPMA)


The CPMA was founded on 12 May 2018, inspired by the birth of another membership organisation in the 1970's in a single room above a butcher's shop.


The CPMA stands to represent practitioners in the fields of counselling and psychotherapy. Other similar professional membership bodies do wonderful work and represent its members, while also supporting the public and clients they are serving. The CPMA's primary focus is on serving the practitioner, protected under the umbrella of a therapeutic, fair, and rigorous complaints procedure that begins with a mediation process.


The CPMA has a vision for furthering the profession in the best possible light and championing the cause of the practitioner. We endeavor and intend to support and encourage your best efforts as human beings in the first instance, within a scaffolding of knowledge, training, and protection from influences that oppose common sense and logic.


Our ethos is that we will assume from the first day of your membership, while you are working therapeutically with your client, you will do so without favor or affection, malice or ill-will, and will always do your best to abide by our Ethical Contract for Best Practice. This will be our promise to you, as it is to ourselves, with a clear vision for an identity that inspires professionalism and confidence in you and our talking therapies.


We are very excited for the new beginnings of the CPMA, and the possibilities for growth and development while staying as far away as possible from any idea of a corporate identity. 


Andy & Debbie McCallum 2018